And now the awards... TV/New Media

BEST TV #SPECIALFXMAKEUP goes to Greg Nicotero & Jake Garber for @WalkingDead_AMC! #MUAHSawards

BEST PERIOD/CHARACTER TV HAIR STYLING goes to Magi Vaughan & @ajphillips62 for @DowntonAbbey! #MUAHSawards

BEST PERIOD/CHARACTER TV MAKE-UP goes to Magi Vaughan & Erika Ökvist For @DowntonAbbey! #MUAHSawards

BEST CONTEMP TV #MUA goes to @traceytheartist @michelle_garbin & Sabine Roller Taylor for @SonsofAnarchy! #MUAHSawards BEST CONTEMP TV HAIR STYLING goes to Mary Guerrero, Kimi Messina & Jennifer Guerrero-Mazursky for @DancingABC! #MUAHSawards

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